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  • The bill consists of the following:
    1. Service Charge which varies according the meter size.
    2. Water Usage Charge that varies according to the quantity of water used, the property’s number of shares, and the reservoir that serves the property.
  • Water bills are mailed, monthly, near the fifth (5th) of the month.
  • The due date for water bill payments is the 25th of the month.

Past Due Notices

  • If payment is not received by the 25th then a Past Due/Friendly Reminder Notice is mailed on the first working day following the 25th of the month.
  • Approximately seven calendar days after the 25th, if payment has not been received then water service will be scheduled for shut off and the shut off date will appear on the Past Due Notice.
  • On the Shut Off Date, VHWC’s field staff will attempt to collect the past due amount from the property owner. If the past due amount is paid at that time then a $25.00 Collection Fee will be charged to the customer’s account.
  • On the Shut Off Date, if there is no response to our attempt to collect at the property, then the field staff person will shut off the water at the property and instead of a $25.00 Collection Fee, a $40.00 Reconnection Fee will be charged to the customer’s account in addition to the past due charges


For additional convenience, payments can also be submitted at our office location during regular business hours.

  • Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CLOSED FRIDAYS

Payments may also be made by using the front door mail slot anytime after-hours or on holidays.

If you are unable to make your payment by the 25th, and to prevent a $30 Late Fee Charge, then please call the office before the 25th to make a payment arrangement.

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