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Valencia Heights Water Company (VHWC) is a Mutual Water Company established in 1912 as a non-profit organization that provides water service to portions of the unincorporated area of Covina, in addition to portions of the City of Covina and West Covina (see map and street names).

To receive water service from VHWC, all property owners; who are also stockholders are required to own VHWC water stock. The number of shares required is determined by the square footage of the lot. A lot less than 28,500 square feet requires one (1) share of stock, and a lot greater than 28,500 square feet requires two (2) shares of stock. Water stock is appurtenant (attached) to the property and must be transferred from the seller to the buyer when a property is sold; thus, it is the responsibility of the seller to inform their escrow company that water stock is involved in the sale of their property and that VHWC must be contacted to begin the stock transfer process before escrow closes.

VHWC’s service area is generally described as:

  • from the San Bernardino Freeway on the north;
  • to the Walnut City Limits on the south;
  • the eastern portion of the City of West Covina on the west;
  • to Kellogg Hill on the east.

VHWC also provides water service to the Paradise View Estates in Malibu, CA.

VHWC is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors and a General Manager who serves at the pleasure of the Board to manage the day-to-day decisions that obtain the goals of the Company and to provide safe, clean and reliable water to the community at the best possible value. Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

Every year, VHWC invites its stockholders to attend its Annual Stockholders’ Meeting in February. Stockholders are notified and invited via a booklet that is mailed in January to inform all stockholders of the meeting date, time, and location.

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